Inexact Similarity

after “Semejanza Inexacta,” intstallation art by Francisco PerĂ³

Their legs apart or snug as one,
Shoulders angular in fat,
Fishing line a barely catching thing.

The sun into the underground
Cuts their edges, etches each form
As they twist slowly in the AC.

The borders cross their bodies
The streets of their arms

Ruta Cinco in yellow
I-95 in red
Autobahn blue
National Trunk Highway in black

All catching the morning glare,
Reflecting museum-goers’ mutters.


Marcelle Sees Infinity

The postman’s daughter
Vincent painted five times–
quickly at first, eyes smooth
coal then blue
dark ocean depths under firm eyebrows.
Her background salty lemon then moss,
pouting red lips nearly round as her eyes
and cheeks, her bonnet-framed face.

Away from her mother
she grows serious, her hands
knots of uncooked dough
then tense buds on a white gown.