Wallace, Star










You realize    old enough now
you believe in spirits, yes.
My grandfather was scary.
I’ve felt him long dreaming.

He pulled his      image
maybe isn’t the word.
Anything for the audience
beholder can play
specific American.
People lack interesting hate.

Earliest onstage parts.
A witch and Jack and
some disaster production
with sleep in a handcuff
to a woman. So myself
and the scene breaks
some screw doorway.


One thought on “Wallace, Star

  1. interesting, Burroughs has done something like this. He cut out random sentences and put them together with weird results. I hope you are well. I am having a difficult time with a very unhealthy obsession regarding the ways in which our governmental “leaders” are using their positions, from the clown on down, to financially better themselves. it is disgusting and getting worse. the clown has had very brief press conferences hosting other world leaders. he never answers questions. he still has to always throw in comments about how great each member of his family is and his “landslide” electoral college victory that has given him the right/mandate to pursue his campaign promises. if 40,000 votes in WI, MI, and PA (combined!) went the other way, she would have won the electoral and popular vote. He cannot control himself. mom labeled it ego tourrettes, as he always seems to have to say something about his being great, terrific, and winning. ANYWAY, I think sunny in philly is on tonight because I could use a few laughs. things are ok here and keep sending me your writing. have fun with your friends when they visit and we will talk soon…..love, dad



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