Kombucha in a Jam Jar

Living in the morning after
a party, matrimony completed
spare food packaged champagne
flutes cleaned while the rest of staff
gossips about the bride’s new tits
and the boss’s newest Mazda.

Further in the after, good morning
good night good morning, no homebrew
as I lay in a bed with fresh 400 count sheets
and miss the t-shirt set we had in Baltimore.


2 thoughts on “Kombucha in a Jam Jar

  1. This was good. I think I got the gist of it. The problem was the structure. Structure it a little better so that it flows and the reader is able to pick up where exactly one line ends and another begins


    1. If you’re viewing my cite on a phone or other small screen, I recommend turning your device horizontally. This way, you can read the lines with the breaks I intend. The current design of my site changes the line breaks to fit the screen. I find this frustrating and am working on reformatting the site to correct this.

      Thanks for reading!


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